Hallmarked Gold





Refined Hallmarked gold directly
from the refinery –
We cut out the middlemen

Ethical Gold is proud to provide fully essayed refined gold in a variety of quantities at a discounted price when compared to the global markets.

The relationships we have built with local communities, authorities and the refinery mean we can uniquely guarantee both the product and the price.

Whether you are looking to own gold as novelty or as an alternative to stocks and shares, we offer a quantity safe gold bullions for every purpose.

No matter the denomination you choose, upon delivery you will receive fine gold with a 99.9% purity stamped and UK hallmark.


a person tipping molten gold into a mold




 a person placing a 1 kg bar of gold admits a couple of dozen other bars


Make a monthly profit of 1% with our Safe Gold Bullion

We are able to offer safe gold bullion at 5% below the market rate on the date your order.

One month later, when you order is ready for delivery, you will have the option of taking delivery or selling back to us at 96% of your purchase price giving you an immediate 1% return on your investment.

Compared to the modern stock market and shares, our gold buybacks offer investors a fast and secure return on their investments.

If you are interested in purchasing safe gold bullion that has been ethically sourced and supports the livelihoods of the miners, please contact us via our enquiry form and arrange a conversation with one of our team.



Our Quantities of Gold Bullions



two 50 gram bars of gold

50g of Gold

If you are looking to explore the world of gold or want to make some relatively quick money using some savings, smaller quantities of hallmarked gold are a good starting point.


two 100 gram bars of gold

100g of Gold

A flexible option, suitable for those looking to build up their owned gold stock with multiple smaller units.


two 500 gram bars of gold

500g of Gold

A staple unit for investors in hallmarked gold, owing to the potential flexibility when it comes to selling and ease of storage versus greater quantities.

five 1 kilogram bars of gold

1kg of Gold

A cost-effective option for serious gold investors, due to the lower pricing and ability to hold a larger amount of wealth in small units which can be stored fully insured, free of charge for one year in our secure vault.


How to order
a safe gold bullion

To start purchasing gold from us, simply fill out our enquiry form.

One of our team will contact you and go over the next stages, answering any questions you may have about our gold or the manufacturing process.

Card payments can be securely taken over the phone, or alternatively sent to us via FPO or Fundsflow.

Your order will be processed upon receipt of the funds. Processing and refining of the Gold takes 28 days. Your order is then placed in our African vault. Delivery to the UK takes a further 14 days to allow time for Hallmarking by UK Assay office.  




a wall of black safety deposit boxes with two locks on each box


We will contact you 7 days before your gold is placed in our vault, asking you if:


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You wish to leave the Gold in our vault (fully insured and free of charge for one year) or...

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You wish your Gold to be delivered to you in UK. For delivery to other countries please ask for further information or...

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You wish to sell you Gold back to us at 96% of market price (agreed at the time of purchase).






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