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100g of Gold

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A time-tested investment

100g of gold is a safe and secure investment, whether you intend to keep it for the long-term or sell it for a quick profit.

This amount stands as comfortable medium between smaller and greater denominations, being both comparatively inexpensive when compared to 500g or 1kg amounts while also being easy to store and sell.

Whether you are looking for a secure liquid investment amidst the current climate of inflation and general economic uncertainty or are looking to take advantage of our buyback process for a guarantee 1% return on investment, 100g of our safe gold bullion offers a mixture of accessibility and flexibility.

a 100g bullion of gold





Interested in investing
in 100g of Gold? 

To purchase our hallmarked gold for 5% less than the market rate, please contact us via our booking form. One of our team will be in touch at an arranged time to answer any questions you may have.


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