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USD $71,408   Euro €66,741   Sterling £57,159

50grm - £2,858 |   100grm £5,716  |   500grm £28,579



Buy Safe Gold Bullion – 5% below the Market Price


Welcome to Ethical Gold

Courtesy of our charitable, logistical and administrative links in Africa, Ethical Gold are uniquely positioned to sell responsibly-sourced refined gold at 5% below the current market price.

Instead of operating through third parties or resellers, Ethical Gold buys its gold directly from a newly built and fully licenced processing and refining facility in Tanzania. In this way numerous middlemen are cut out.

The facility works with the local authorities to enable artisanal gold miners to mine legally and safely.

Ethical Gold have local staff who monitor the facility to ensure that all mining, processing and refining is carried out in safe conditions and that operatives receive a fair wage.

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Our Gold is 5% discount below Market Price

Our unique relationship with the refinery guarantees a secure supply line, legal employment for artisanal miners and allows us to guarantee the price of our safe gold bullion at 95% of the going market price. Prices are set on Monday and adjusted on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in buying safe gold bullion for a guaranteed price that supports the livelihoods of artisanal miners, please get in contact with us via our enquiries form.

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Available weights on our safe gold bullion


Our diverse range of denominations means there is an option for every budget, whether you are looking to purchase gold as a long-term hedge against inflation or to trade.



50g of Gold


Recommended if this is your first time investing in gold.

50g Gold

100g of Gold


Recommended for newer investors with smaller budgets. 

100g Gold


500g of Gold


A flexible, cost-effective amount. 

500g Gold

two 1 kilogram bars of gold

1KG of Gold


An option for seasoned gold investors.

1kg Gold



Ordering and Delivery Process


One of our team will call you back once you make an enquiry via our enquiries form. We will discuss the process, cover our terms and conditions and answer any questions you may have.

Payment can be made over the phone via Faster Payment or Fundflow.




Once you order bullion through Ethical Gold, you will have the option of having your Gold stored, free of charge, in our secure Vault in Tanzania or delivered to United Kingdom.

All our bullion is made-to-order. Your gold bar will be delivered to our secure vault within 28 days of production. You also have the option of shipping it to the UK where it will arrive within 14 days.




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Make a guaranteed 1% per month on your purchases

Ethical Gold's links with local authorities, the refinery and the artisanal miners themselves means we have full control over the price of each gold bar, fixed at 5% below the current market value as of that Monday.

In a time of market uncertainty and rising inflation, gold is regarded by investors as a safe and secure investment. When buying from Ethical Gold you have the additional benefit of selling back to us.

We will buy back your Gold at 96% of your purchase price, giving you an immediate 1% return on your investment

We will buy back your Gold at 96% of your purchase price, giving you an immediate 1% return on your investment.


Why should you buy safe gold bullion from Ethical Gold? 


Ethical Gold

We work with local authorities, charities and communities to improve the livelihoods of miners. Our efforts assist the artisanal mining industry with some much-needed regulation, wiith also supplying the miners with safety equipment, training and health checks.

Discounted Gold

We can trace every gram of gold from the miners to the refinery to our vaults, which when combined with our policy of fixing prices on a weekly basis means we can offer gold at 5% less than the current market value.

Guaranteed Purity

We work hand-in-hand with a local refinery to produce refined gold bars of the highest quality, with a certified purity of 99.9%.



Our Ethics


Ethical Gold LTD reg in England co no 14251139